— FAQ’s —

Why choose Kingsmen Baseball Academy?

Kingsmen Baseball Academy is not for everyone. Our goal is to help the serious baseball player with aspirations of playing in college and beyond. We offer top-notch coaching from elite college and professional players and coaches. We will prepare our players for the physical, mental, and emotional rigors of college and/or professional baseball.

At the same time, we will help our players understand what it really means to be a Christian (Christ-like) so they can decide if they want to follow Christ. Whether they decide to or not, we will help our players become men of character and integrity.

Our goal is to prepare our players for success on the baseball field, in the classroom, and in life.

What is the Cost?

Tuition – $25,000 – paid by all players – covers all baseball expenses including instruction, strength training, modern technological analytics, uniforms, equipment, transportation to all games, lodging and meals to away games – does not cover daily meals or personal spending money.

Housing – Double (2 players to room) – $6000 – 10-month housing contract at beautiful apartment complex 9 minutes from Shipyard Park.

Housing – Single (1 player to room) – $12000 – 10-month housing contract at beautiful apartment complex 9 minutes from Shipyard Park.

Deposit – a $1500 non-refundable deposit is required upon acceptance to guarantee a spot on the Kingsmen Baseball Academy.
Payment – payment for the fall semester is due July 1 – payment for the spring semester is due December 1 – payment plans are available with appropriate fees.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, Kingsmen Academy does offer a limited amount of scholarships based on both need and skill level.

What competition do the Kingsmen play?

The Kingsmen will play other elite academies in the Southeast, as well as Junior Colleges, D2, D3, and NAIA, and Dominican Republic teams. We will play 20-25 games each fall and 45-50 games each spring.

Can we play travel ball during the summer?

Yes. The Kingsmen do not sponsor travel teams during the summer. You are free to play for the travel team of your choice during the summer.

Will players be able to attend national showcases/tournaments like Jupiter in the fall?

Kingsmen Baseball Academy will not have any events during Jupiter, and encourages players to attend if they have the opportunity. Other “special” showcases/tournaments during the school year will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Does the Academy provide support for the players’ online academic work?

Yes, the Academy will have an Academic Coordinator who will supervise each player’s academic work. This Academic Coordinator will have the log in information for each player’s online platform and will monitor the player’s academic work. The Academy will have a mandatory supervised daily study hall and will arrange for tutors if needed (tutors will be paid by the player/family).

Does the Academy provide SAT/ACT preparation?

Yes. The Academy will provide SAT/ACT preparation, and will not schedule any event on the national testing days in the fall.

Does the Academy offer help in the college recruiting process?

 Absolutely! The Academy staff has many connections in the college baseball world. We will do our best to help players find a school that fits their academic, social, and baseball needs and desires. We will honestly evaluate each player’s baseball ability and help them find a suitable college.

What does the academy calendar look like?

The Kingsmen Academy calendar will follow the normal high school calendar. The players will report around August 15 and go home around May 15. There will be regular vacations like fall break, Thanksgiving break, and CHRISTmas break. There will not be any breaks in the spring due to our playing schedule.

Can I attend the academy if I am being home-schooled?

Yes. The family will choose whichever educational option the player will use to finish his high school education. Home-schooling is certainly one of those options.

Can high school graduates play at the academy?

Yes, Kingsmen Baseball Academy is open to talented high school graduates who may want to take a gap year to mature physically, to improve their skills, to grow academically, or to simply earn an opportunity to their school of choice.  Players can take college courses online or at Trident Technical College, a community college with an enrollment over 11,000 that is 14 minutes from Shipyard Park.

Is there adult supervision at the apartments?

Yes, there will be a Housing Coordinator who will live at the apartment complex. In addition, Coach Hudak and at least one additional coach will live at the apartment complex. The Housing Coordinator will have Life 360 for every player living at the apartment complex. The Housing Coordinator will inspect the apartments on a regular basis, and will do occasional unannounced inspections. The players will have a curfew and will be held to a high standard of conduct. This will all be part of the contract that the player and parents will sign with the Academy.

What is a typical day like?

The players non-game day will traditionally be from 9:00-4:00. During this time, players will have position meetings and practice, team practice, individual skill work, strength and conditioning work, lunch, study hall, and other activities. They will also have team Bible studies once or twice a week. Game day schedules will vary based on game location and game time. Players are responsible for all meals, except pre-game meals provided by the academy and meals when the team is traveling overnight.

Does the Academy provide meals for the players?

Kingsmen Baseball Academy does not provide daily meals for the players. The academy does provide a pregame meal prior to most games. The academy will also provide all meals while traveling to play away games. Players can cook daily meals at their apartment or purchase meals at a variety of local restaurants.

How can I enroll in the Kingsmen Baseball Academy?

The first step is to complete our academy application here. Make sure you attach a video with your questionnaire. Once we receive the questionnaire and video, one of our coaches will evaluate them and contact you. Enrollment in Kingsmen Baseball Academy is limited to around 48 players per year which will allow the academy to have two teams. The academy wants to keep the enrollment low so that we can give proper personal attention to every player on and off the field.